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Rural Mental Health Matters

Those of us living with a mental health condition (be it diagnosed or undiagnosed) can often feel marginalised or 'invisible', and for those living in rural and remote communities this can mean feeling even more invisible.
A significant proportion of the UK population live in rural areas. In England alone, over 50% of the resident population live in predominantly rural areas. Historically, funding trends to be allocated to urban areas where it is focused on crisis intervention and service planning is often ‘according to need’ i.e. where there are higher percentages of those registered with serious mental illnesses (in urban areas). Many will have limited access to mental health support, due to lack of facilities and other factors, such as little or no regular public transport. This can mean people living in rural and remote areas face longer, more arduous journeys.
Rural Mental Health Matters is a social enterprise specialising in research and early intervention, focused on tackling mental health inequality in rural and remote communities. They are looking to work collaboratively with like-minded organisations and individuals.