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Dorset Local Nature Partnership (DLNP)

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Dorset Local Nature Partnership (DLNP) works to maximise the benefits of our natural environment for the benefit of wildlife, people and the economy. We work at a strategic level to bring partners together from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors, to embed nature-based solutions in the work of our partners, stakeholders and decision makers (locally and national).
Natural Health is one of our six strategic priorities, and we facilitate the Natural Choices programme of opportunities which include conservation work parties, walking for health, ecotherapy, Nordic walking, Park Yoga and more
We are a founding member of Health and Nature Dorset (HAND) collaboration which aims to formalise joint working with environmental organisations offering nature-based wellbeing and health and social care partners who can signpost to a wide range of wellbeing opportunities in nature. HAND will work to promote the physical and mental health benefits of engaging with nature.